We recommend these resources for growing in faith and knowledge

Essential items for every Christian home:

  • Bible - we recommend the New King James version or the English Standard Version
  • Crucifix - a reminder of Jesus Christ and Him crucified should be prominently displayed in every bedroom and/or the main room of the house
  • Hymnal - an invaluable resource for prayer and meditation, by yourself and with your family. Immanuel uses Lutheran Service Book (Personal Edition) (Pew Edition) (Hymn Accompaniment Edition for your piano or keyboard)

Prayer books:

  • Treasury of Daily Prayer - This wonderful book contains everything one needs for a disciplined life of prayer and meditation: Orders for personal or family prayer at different times of the day; the entire Psalter; a page for each day of the year with the text of two Bible readings (Old and New Testament), a devotional writing, Psalm verses for the day, and a prayer for the day. (Book) (iPad/iPhone edition)
  • Brotherhood Prayer Book - This excellent book requires more effort than the Treasury of Daily Prayer. It uses Gregorian notation (neumes on four-line staves with movable clefs) instead of the modern five-line staves; there is an introduction that explains the notation for those unfamiliar. The book uses the King James Version of the Bible and the older prayer forms and language found in The Lutheran Hymnal. The Brotherhood Prayer Book is for those seeking a more traditional and rigorous book than the Treasury of Daily Prayer. (Second Edition w/ribbons) (Text edition - no music)